762 LYN and train approaching Woody Bay,  2004, Eric Leslie

The 762 Club - "Sponsor-a-Component" Scheme

This list of components are those currently available for sponsorship. Please click on the "Sponsor this" link and email us to find out how you can support the building of this unique locomotive.

When providing information, please ask any questions you have about the scheme, and let us know if you wish your contribution to remain anonymous.

Please note; if the item sponsored costs less than the amount donated, any surplus amount will be used towards the construction of the locomotive.

To date, Over £105,300 has been raised towards building LYN in this way.

762 LYN - Sponsorship Certificate 2 762 LYN - Sponsorship Certificate 1


One of two handsome certificates is available, on request, to acknowledge Sponsorship contributions.

The first (see left) has the iconic Eric Leslie image of Lyn being reassembled at Pilton after overhaul, the Second (see right) carries a stunning line drawing of Lyn by Peter Willmore.

To see our list of previously sponsored items, and "Roll of Honour" see HERE

  COMPONENT OF THE MONTH - The Final, Last Piece of the Jigsaw

GWR-pattern four-feed oil pot Just when you thought it was safe to come out without another Component of the Month, there is one more!

The lubrication system calls for a feed lubricator to supply a small oil supply to the slide bars and rocker shaft. The original design had a modern Adams four-feed lubricator which we bought and had ready to install.

However, once we offered it up, we realised that the position where it is mounted, just below the foot step up to the tanks, was rather vulnerable, and that it would not last long. We have decided, therefore, that a GWR four-feed oil pot would be fit nicely and look the part. Yes, I know Eastleigh would have done their own thing, but we need something robust and functional.

For the members open day, we borrowed two from the Dartmouth Steam Railway (from 4555) and they worked a treat. So we have now two new oil pots of our own which need to be machined and assembled with the oil pipes and threaded bases. These will be done quickly as they need to be painted and re-assembled to the engine within the next two weeks. Each one including machining costs £350 and we have two of them.

We would be very happy if two members wanted to sponsor one each. Over to you!


Sponsor The GWR-pattern four-feed oil pot, August 2017 Componentof the Month!

For the final finishing touches, Lining Lyn is costing £2,500 and to cover this, perhaps you'd like to sponsor the hand-painting of each letter or number, by our resident sign-writer, Gerald Whittaker.

There are 16 large letters (two sets of S O U T H E R N), 6 large numbers (7 6 2), 6 small letters (N o e) and 6 small numbers (7 6 2). That works out at about £90 per large letter/number (22 x 90 = £1980) and £45 per small letter/number (12 x 45 = £540).


Small Letter 6 6 £45 Sponsor This!

Small Number 6 6 £45 Sponsor This!

Large Letter 16 16 £90 Sponsor This!

Large Number 6 6 £90 Sponsor This!

With the success of our recent sponsorship drives, we are currently approaching the end of the procurement phase for LYN. Just the last few cosmetic details to be sponsored,

Thank you one and all. Your hugely generous sponsorship of parts has been an inspiration. Roll on September 30th!


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